Idaho Cat Fanciers

"Idacats 2020"

Featuring Championship, Premiership,
Kittens, Household Pets and Veterans

March 21-22, 2020

Expo Idaho - Premium Building
5610 Glenwood
Boise, ID 83714

Our Judges

Wendy Heidt - AB/HHP/Vet
Gary Powell - AB/HHP/Vet
Barbara Jaeger - LH/SH/HHP/Vet
Marilee Griswold - LH/SH/HHP/Vet

Diana Rothermel - AB/HHP/Vet
Pam Moser - AB/HHP/Vet
Brian Moser - AB/HHP/Vet
Neil Quigley - AB/HHP/Vet

Entry Fees

$60.00 - First Entry
$55.00 - Second Entry (same owner)
$45.00 - Third and Additional Entries (same owner)
$40.00 - Veterans (no EB discount)
$20.00 - For Sale/Exhibition (with regular entry) $20.00 - Double Cage (required with ALL security cages)
$20.00 - Grooming Space
$ 5.00 - Substitution fee
$30.00 - Sponsored Rescue Cat (no EB discount)
$10.00 - Power, per plug-in (this is what the club is charged)

** Early bird - subtract $5.00 from first 3 entries, if received AND paid by 2/15/2020

Absolute closing date - 3/17/2020 at 12:00pm MST,
or when 225 entry limit reached.

** Nancy Degenkolb will be the show photographer **


Entry Clerk
Barb Callison

2662 NW 12th
Meridian, ID 83646-3121
Phone: (208) 888-9934
Fax: call ahead


   Enter Online   


Show Manager/Vendor Contact
Barb Callison


Nancy Dionne
(208) 463-0348

PayPal is available - send the total amount due to - please specify that you are not purchasing goods, so that the club doesn't get charged any fees

All entries (including for sale or exhibition) must be on a signed, official CFA entry form or an exact copy. Entry clerk will call collect, if information is incomplete or illegible. There is a $50.00 fee for returned checks. Make checks payable to Idaho Cat Fanciers. All fees must be in U.S. funds and accompany entries. No refund for failure to bench. One benching request per exhibitor, please.

This is a non-vetted show. We ask that all cats and kittens be current on all vaccinations (FVRCP, FeLV, etc.). Under current CFA show rules, show management reserves the right to have any cat showing signs of illness, disease or parasites removed from the show hall, in order to protect other cats in the show. All claws must be clipped prior to benching. De-clawed cats are not eligible for entry. All household pet entries over 8 months of age must be spayed or neutered. No kittens under 4 months of age will be allowed in the show hall.

For Sale/Exhibition Cage Rules:
Kittens must be at least 4 calendar months of age or older, and comply with all other CFA show rules. For sale or exhibition entries must be on a signed, official CFA entry form or a facsimile.

Show Hall :
The show hall is located in the Premier Building at Expo Idaho, Boise, Idaho. There will be people food available at the main Exhibit hall and the surrounding area.

The show hotel is the Red Lion Boise Downtowner, 1800 Fairview, Boise, ID 83702. Complimentary Airport Shuttle - also will shuttle to the show hall Sat & Sun. No pet fee for Cats if your room is booked under the Idaho Cat Show block. For reservations, call (208) 344-7691 and ask for the Idaho Cat Show rate $79.00 + tax. Firm cut-off date for booking is February 28, 2020

Cage Size:
Single cage size is 21" x 21" x 21". Double cage size is 45" x 21" x 21". No more than one cat or two kittens may be benched in a single cage. All cages must have curtains covering the back, sides and top in addition to a rug or mat on the floor of the cage. All Security cages require a double cage space; $20.00 double cage fee applies.

Ribbons and rosettes will be awarded for all wins in accordance with CFA Show Rules General Information: This show will be conducted in accordance with current CFA Show Rules. A copy of the CFA Show Rules may be obtained for $7.00 from CFA. All entries in Championship (except Novice), Premiership (except Novice), registered Kittens, recorded Household Pets, and registered cats competing as Household Pets with an Household Pet color class prefix will be scored for CFA awards. Owners of novices can contact the entry clerk for a temporary registration number. Kittens may be entered without registration numbers, but will not be scored for CFA awards if a number is not provided at show time. Kittens without a registration number or TRN will not be included in the count. Rosettes and Ribbons will be awarded according to CFA show rules. It is the exhibitor's responsibility to check the entry confirmation and notify the entry clerk of any errors before the closing date.

*Show rule 2.19E :
The MISCELLANEOUS (non-Competitive) CLASS is for any registered cat or registered kitten of a breed not accepted for Provisional Breed competition. Miscellaneous class entries are examined by judges; however, no awards will be made in this class.

Check-In and Judging:
Check-in will be from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. Saturday. Judging will begin promptly at 9:00 am on Saturday, and 8:30 am on Sunday. Advertised show hours will be from 9:00am - 5:00pm on Saturday and 8:30am - 4:00pm on Sunday. No entries with the exception of kittens may leave the show hall before the end of the advertised show hours without the permission of the Show Manager. No cage is to be torn down until after the judges have completed all their finals or permission has been obtained from the Show Manager.

Supplies and Miscellaneous:
Litter will be provided. Cat food will be provided as donated. Please bring your own food and water dishes, and your own litter pan. There is a food vendor at the facility - our contract does not allow us to bring outside food into the show hall.

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